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A Proud Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America, Inc
Golden Triangle As On Tour  A Texas Spring MAFCAs 5th National Tour  Photo by: Garth Shreading
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The Golden Triangle As invite you to join us. We meet the second Tuesday of the month in various locations throughout the Golden Triangle (check out MEETING INFORMATION on this website for locations). Our meetings start at 7:00 but almost all show up around 6:00 for dinner. Please come and find out how we can help make you Model A experience more enjoyable. Next Meeting September 13 2016 Dinner @ 6:00 Meeting @ After Dinner Location: Novrozskys 441 S. Main St (Hwy 96), Lumberton MAFCAs Lobsters and Lighthouse MAFCA 2014  Website of the Year 17th Annual Gulf Coast Tour